Governance, Risk & Compliance GRC

Take Control of Compliance While Strengthening Your Security Program

Enhance Security. Streamline Compliance.
Ongoing Assurance with Live Reporting.

KaMIT’s GRC module enables organizations to perform security and compliance assessments, identify opportunities to strengthen security posture, and efficiently manage a comprehensive security program. We unified security frameworks, compliance & regulatory requirements, policies, & reporting, and more into a single, cloud-first platform.

Controls met by the KaMIT Security Platform integrate automatically. Answers to the guided questionnaires and documentation are held within the GRC module to centralize and streamline compliance. KaMIT’s built-in reports make it easy to demonstrate controls in real-time and provide evidence for audits and internal assurance.

How KaMIT's GRC Module Works

The following elements work in concert to help identify and manage compliance & regulatory requirements by user, group, organization, or industry.

By answering a few straightforward questions, we identify which regulations are in scope for you.


Pre-configured dashboards and visualizations deliver immediate insights with the ability to customize to fit unique use cases

Enables targeted threat hunting across environments to help identify risks

Powerful Detection

High-fidelity detection rules that eliminate noise to combat alert fatigue

Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and behavior analysis continuously assess risk against your baseline

Cases open automatically for any suspicious or malicious activity

Faster Investigations

MITRE ATT&CK® framework mapping to accelerate response

Integrated Case Management makes it easy to manage security incidents with context-rich data in a single place

Interactive timelines help us unravel the root cause for faster responses

How our SIEM Works

The visual below details the data flow within our SIEM and how it empowers us to detect, investigate, and respond to a variety of threats against your systems.

For Any Data Source
  • Endpoint & Networking Logs from the KaMIT Security Platform with a few clicks
  • Firewalls, Routers & Hardware Appliances
  • Cloud Services, IaaS, & PaaS
  • On-Prem & Custom Applications
  • SaaS Applications

Powered by Advanced Machine Learning (ML) and Behavioral Analytics
  •  Ongoing Rule Management by KaMITS's Detection Engineering
  • AI Behavioral Anomaly Detection
  • Custom Detections
  • Managed Threat Hunting Dashboards
  • MITRE ATT&CK Mapping

Investigation & Visibility
Dashboarding, Reporting, and Visualizations
  • Case Management with Alert Aggregation
  • Dozens of Pre-Built Dashboards & Reports
  • Interactive Data Discovery
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Custom Dashboards & Reports
  • Compliance Reports