Holistic Approach. Dedicated Resource. World-Class Detection & Response.

With KaMIT’s MXDR, you get a dedicated Detection & Response Account Manager (DRAM) assigned to our account. They take a holistic approach focused on where our data resides, what systems we use, and how we operate. Our DRAM understands our company and customers, helps us map out an effective detection and visibility approach, assists with custom detections and reporting, delivers personalized prevention and configuration recommendations, and conveys the specifics of your environments to our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our MXDR services leverage an interactive, risk-focused methodology across the entire security lifecycle—from prevention to detection to response—to keep you one step ahead of the latest threats.

How KaMIT's MXDR Works:


Understand Your Environments
Learn about your applications, systems, networks, and data
Deep Dive on our Customers
Understand risk profile, compliance requirements, threat landscape, and what keeps you up at night
Plan of Action
Synthesize inputs to identify gaps in detection, visibility, prevention controls, compliance requirements, and security posture.


Monthly Touchpoints

Incident and Security Posture Review
Recap of prior month and ways to improve your posture

Prevention Control Review & Recommendations
Review of recently implemented controls and overview of what's next

Visibility, Custom Detections & Reporting
Assess progress on environment visibility through ingestion, custom detection rules, and identification of new reporting and visibility needs

Use Case of the Month
Explanation of new attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs)

Threat Hunting Recap & Countermeasures
Recap of hunting searches conducted and countermeasure recommendations

Threat Detection & Response

Triage and Investigation
Analyze and investigate incidents around the clock to determine the impact, scope, severity, and risk

Expert Response
Containment support, remediation guidance, and post-incident assessment/timelines

Proactive Threat Hunting
Ongoing threat hunting for latest TTPs to find persistent threats

Slack Channel Integration
Ongoing intelligence updates, countermeasure recommendations, and access to our team of experts