Simplify Security and Enhance Connectivity with SASE

SASE is the convergence of networking and security that supports the dynamic access needs for the work from everywhere world. In essence, it is the unification of several different networking and security technologies into a single platform.

The Secure Global Network™ (SGN) Cloud Platform is the backbone of KaMIT’s SASE module. SASE enables fast, secure, and reliable connections to all your data, devices, networks, cloud environments, SaaS apps, and the Internet from everywhere. The platform is build up from the ground up based on Zero Trust Principles, unifying multiple powerful security and networking products. KaMIT’s integrated platform eliminates the cost, complexity, and blind spots from stitching together dozens of point solutions.

What's Included in KaMIT's SASE Module

KaMIT’s SASE module unifies multiple security and networking products. Below, we highlight how it streamlines and optimizes security postures, enhances connectivity, and provides a seamless work experience everywhere:

Existing Technologies

Secure Global Network SASE

Security products don’t integrate with identity

Easy identity integration with AzureAD, Google Workspace, and Duo

Users optionally connect to VPN

ZTNA with an always-on, conditional access VPN

Expensive hardware, multiple networking or security products, along with management tools stacked together

Secure Web Gateway, Full SSL Inspection, URL and Content Filtering, and more in a single, integrated platform

Perimeter focused hardware firewalls, VPN, and intrusion prevention

Cloud-Based Next-Gen Firewall, ZTNA, and IPS for security everywhere

Clunky Remote Desktop (RDP) tools, multiple and complex VPN set-ups

Integrated point-to-point encrypted connections secure RDP and remote access with ease

Publicly accessible cloud & on-premise servers, services, and SaaS apps

Applications, servers, and SaaS apps behind a Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) for security

Simplify Security. Enhance Connectivity.Greater Control and Visibility.

SASE simplifies networking and security; provides safe, secure, and reliable connections; and delivers several layers of security while reducing complexity, operational burden, and costs.


All-in-one solution with a single agent

Simplified management with a single pane of glass

Connectivity and Security

Securely access resources without clunky VPNs

Next-Gen Firewall, IPS, Secure Web Gateway, Full SSL Inspection, URL and Content Filtering, + more in a single, integrated platform

Control and Visibility

Identity integration and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for granular access control

Comprehensive visibility into the environments you manage regardless of where people work

Lower Latency.Greater Resiliency.Higher Performance

The SGN leverages smaller, faster, and higher throughput nodes, a starkly different approach than the norm. With Points of Presence (PoPs) around the globe, a private fiber backbone that intelligently routes between PoPs, and connections to every Tier 1 provider and major ISP in the world, the SGN reduces latency and improves resiliency.